Tuesday, June 26, 2007

10-Months for Dirty Steve Griles

Okay, a word about Steven Griles. He was a Bush appointee, serving as deputy-secretary, Department of the Interior from 2000-2004. What environmental credentials did Griles bring to the job? Well, he had been a highly-paid lobbyist for coal, oil and gas interests.

Never one to let conflicts of interest get in his way, Griles' record was called an "ethical quagmire" by an inspector-general.

Today Steve's karma came crashing down as he was sentenced to 10-months imprisonment on a felony conviction for lying to senate investigators about his dealings with Jailbird Jack Abramoff, former leader of the infamous K Street Gang.

The prosecution had asked for 5-months but the judge doubled it, saying, "Even now you continue to minimize and try to excuse your conduct."
Oh well, these days a criminal record is almost a badge of honour for a Bush Republican.

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Anonymous said...

For a very well cited and detailed description of Steve Griles actions during his tenure w/the Bush administration, you might check out Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s "Crimes Against Nature."