Monday, June 18, 2007

Yeah, But Can Baird Drive?

So, while they're working furiously to persuade Canadians that they really do get the whole global warming thing, Harpo and his Harpies have decided the way to show their green credentials is to sponsor a fossil fuel guzzlin', GHG spewin' NASCAR race machine.

Yeah, sure Steve, global warming is the greatest threat facing mankind, eh? When you said that you really meant it, eh? Maybe on the hood of the car you could paint the conservative logo and, underneath that, the worlds "greatest threat facing mankind." Eh?

By the say, Steve, it'd be a great touch to get Baird behind the wheel, eh?

1 comment:

Tootrusting said...

Great way to reduce Green House Gases! So this is how the conservatives protect the environment.
They allready have a low rating on the environment and now some one in the PMO shoots themself in the foot.
When we will they notice the sore foot?