Tuesday, June 26, 2007

George w. Baird on Kyoto

The Harpies are still working out of the Bush playbook. They especially like the part of say one thing and then do whatever the hell suits you.

Now that the Kyoto bill has been passed into law, the Tories are doing just that. They say they won't ignore their obligations under the law, they just won't honour them in any meaningful way. Isn't that cute?

Here's how our EnviroMin Baird put it, "We'll respect and won't be dismissive of an act that Parliament passed, we'll file the papers accordingly." They're going to file papers. That's it. Instead of introducing enabling legislation to effect the law's objectives, Harpo is going to put the Kyoto issue in the dustbin.

Is this really the issue on which Harpo wants to fight the next election? I don't know, what do the polls say?

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