Saturday, June 16, 2007

Defining Optimism

Shivcharan Jatav must be the world's champion optimist. He's been trying to pass his Grade 10 exams since 1969. Now 73, Jatav has just failed for the 39th time. Undeterred he says he'll get it next time.

38 years ago Jatav set out to get his Grade 10 qualifications so that he might make it into the Indian Army. That option is long closed but he's determined to pass the exams. Why? Because he's convinced that it will improve his job and marriage prospects.

"I could not get married as the girls told my family members that I was not properly educated. It's my fate that deprived me of education and a married life," he said. Sorry hopefuls, I've searched the internet and there's no picture of Shivcharan to be found.

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