Thursday, June 21, 2007

As Decent As They Come

In November, 1997, a gang of kids murdered 14-year old Reena Virk. They swarmed here and beat her up. Then two of the gang followed her, beat her again and drowned her in the Gorge in Victoria, B.C. It was a truly horrific, vicious murder.

Today the boy convicted of the murder, Warren Glowatski, was given day parole. Nothing particularly unusual about that except that, on hand to support him was Reena's mother, Suman Virk.

Following Glowatski's sentencing, the Virks made it clear they had no interest in vengeance and were saddened that, atop their daughter's death, these young people had ruined their own lives.

The Virks have kept an eye on Glowatski while he was imprisoned and they formed a profoundly compassionate opinion of the young man. That led them to attend Glowatski's parole hearing last Thursday to lend their support.

“He was an angry, scared little kid, who was trying to prove something in a negative way,” Suman Virk told the media after the hearing.

“Today I think we see a young man who has taken responsibility for his actions and is trying to amend the wrong that he did.”

Utterly remarkable people.


James Bender said...

Wow, that family has much more courage than most of us could possible ever have.

Red Tory said...

Extraordinary people indeed.

You certain won't hear much about this on any right-wing sites, that's for sure.