Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mugabe's Monetary Meltdown

Have you ever heard a number as bizarre as "one million, five hundred thousand per cent"?

That's the estimate of the coming inflation facing the people of Zimbabwe says US ambassador Chris Dell.

Dell told The Guardian, "Prices are going up twice a day, in some cases doubling several times a week," said Mr Dell, who is approaching the end of his posting to Zimbabwe. "It destabilises everything. People have completely lost faith in the currency and that means they have lost faith in the government that issues it.

"By carrying out disastrous economic policies, the Mugabe government is committing regime change upon itself," he said. "Things have reached a critical point. I believe the excitement will come in a matter of months, if not weeks. The Mugabe government is reaching end game, it is running out of options."
I expect when Mugabe goes out, it'll be much like the end of Mussolini, with the tyrant hanging by his heels in some public square. It's hard to imagine him getting out of this alive.

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Anonymous said...

Enna says.....his name suits him...Mug-a-by.