Monday, May 19, 2008

That Flushing Sound is Hillary's Last Shred of Integrity

To borrow a line from Keith Olbermann, "shut the Hell up." Right now Hillary Clinton is nose-deep in the cesspit of her own hypocrisy.

It's all about Hillary's attack questioning Obama's ties to '60s radicals and it's got a lot of those very radicals questioning why Hypocrite Hillary is overlooking her own history with them. From the Washington Post:

"...her comments baffled two retired Bay Area lawyers who knew Clinton in the summer of 1971 when she worked as an intern at a left-wing law firm in Oakland, Calif., that defended communists and Black Panthers.

"She's a hypocrite," Doris B. Walker, 89, who was a member of the American Communist Party, said in an interview last week. "She had to know who we were and what kinds of cases we were handling. We had a very left-wing reputation, including civil rights, constitutional law, racist problems."

Malcolm Burnstein, 74, a partner at the firm who worked closely with Clinton during her internship, said he was traveling in Pennsylvania in April when Clinton attacked Obama for his past interactions with William Ayers
and Bernardine Dohrn, members of Students for a Democratic Society who went on to found the bomb-making Weather Underground.

"Given her background, it was quite hypocritical," Burnstein said. "I almost called the Philadelphia Enquirer
. I saw what she and her campaign were saying about Ayers and I thought, 'Well, if you're going to talk about that totally bit of irrelevant nonsense, I'll talk about your career with us.' "

The very things she's accusing Barack of could be said of her with much greater evidence," said Tom Hayden, a leading anti-Vietnam War activist, author and self-described friend of the Clintons.

Robert Reich who went to Yale Law School with Hillary Rodham and Bill Clinton and later served in the Clinton administration, called Hillary Clinton's attack on Obama "absurd," adding: "That carries guilt by association to a new level of absurdity. Where does guilt by association stop? I mean, she was a partner of Jim McDougal in the 1980s, for crying out loud." Reich is now an Obama supporter.

Clinton's associations date to her years as a student leader at Wellesley from 1965 to 1969. It was the height of student opposition to the Vietnam War, and Carl Oglesby, the president of Students for a Democratic Society, came to campus to speak.

"I gave a talk at Wellesley, where she was a student," Oglesby said in a telephone interview from Amherst, Mass., where he is recovering from a stroke. "I can't say that I was a close friend of hers. It was more of a passing acquaintance. I liked her. I think of her as a good guy. I think she has a good heart and a solid mind. And I support her in the current primary."

Oglesby now talks warmly about Clinton. In an interview with Reason magazine, he called their association "a friendship, a comradeship, within the context of the movement. She and I, for a while, were warm with each other. She and I were semi-close."
But Oglesby said he has not contacted Clinton because he is afraid that he could harm her candidacy.

"A friend of mine mentioned me to her not long ago, and according to him she got a case of the shakes. I think it was because she could imagine if any of her considerable enemies on the right wanted to do her in, they would be happy to discover a relationship between her and me," he told the magazine."

I think what Hillary is revealing is what many Democrats most fear - that she's willing to do anything, say anything on her way out the door, even if she winds up kneecapping the Democratic Party in the process. Between the blatant pandering and the hypocrisy, not to mention race-baiting, Hillary has also put her last shred of integrity into the toilet.


Anonymous said...

Get over it - it'll toughen the Messiah up a little - he's going to get worse from the Republicans.

By the way - she was acting as a lawyer then

The Mound of Sound said...

Yes, she was acting as a lawyer for some, but by no means all, of this saga.

You're obviously very bitter so I won't go on about Hillary.

Anonymous said...

I'm not bitter at all - she's made great strides (even Arianna Huffington said so) for women as far as climbing up the political ladder - shows she's a figher.

No matter what anyone thinks - all the Democratic candidates (except Gravel) were far superior to the Replublican group.

Obama, Hillary - whatever - it's a win-win.

Anonymous said...

the flushing sound? thats your buddy husseins chances of becoming was time for a woman, they are 52% of the population after all, its not because his tan is deeper than others that its another mans turn, black only make up 13 % of the population, and anyway his defeat will come because everytime someone critisizes him, its racist, people have had enough of that one. or his wife should not be critisize but he can critisize old bill and big macs bullshit does not win election...

The Mound of Sound said...

Anon 9:09, you're trying much too hard. My buddy hussein? You a bit of a racist or just a garden variety bigot? "It was time for a woman." That's it for you, isn't it?

Here's my take on it. A woman president is long overdue. It's too bad a suitable candidate hasn't surfaced yet. Hillary is a walking bundle of character flaws who's shown herself totally unfit for the job. I think a Hillary Clinton presidency would set women back more than you could imagine but then again you don't seem to have much imagination.