Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ann Who? Ann Who Gives a Crap, That's Who

A scan of the prog blogs reveals that Ann Coulter sure got their notice. Why? Does anyone really care what she says or what publicity stunts she pulls? Why?

They're called "publicity stunts" because they're a vehicle to generate publicity and that's something that's in sufficiently short supply for this hag these days that she has to travel outside her own country to get it. She wants to get noticed and she really wants you exorcised enough to write about her.

Screw it. Screw Ann Coulter. Ignore her and she'll make an ass of herself and then go away.


LeDaro said...

She does do damage by spreading hatred and that cannot be ignored. She is a David Duke in a skirt.

Christian said...

I'm with you, D.L. Checking in for the news of the day yesterday on Progressive Bloggers was disappointing. All Ann, all the time it seemed.

So in the spirit of the moment, I posted what I believe is all the attention she deserves.

I thought my post text said it all. :) And you may or may not agree with the video, I thought it was spot on.

Skinny Dipper said...

Yes, Coulter is an idiot. Yes, Coulter is a racist. Yes, she makes hateful comments. However, I would not support banning her from university campuses. Who would be next? Salmon Rushdie? The Dalai Lama? Israeli Apartheid Week activists?

This may be Lisa Simpsonesque. I do think that those choose to educate themselves on the grounds of our universities should be intelligent enough to engage in discourse with others. One young woman commented that she does not own a magic carpet. Coulter replied that the woman should instead ride a camel. That was enough to demonstrate to me that Coulter lacked substance. She would not survive in the Doha Debates (if they are ever allowed on Canadian campuses).

The Mound of Sound said...

Loved the Letterman clip Christian. Dave really does say it all about this miscreant.

CuJoYYC said...

Sarah Palin seems like a progressive next to the mouth that roared, Ann Coulter. The saliva spewing forth from Coulter's open trap probably contains more septic pathogens than a Komodo Dragon.

That being said let her speak but I'll simply ignore her verbal venom. Paid no heed to her and she'll disappear in obscurity when she belongs.

Loved the Letterman clip and the apt description of her as "David Duke in a skirt"

Fish said...

I'm with you Mound, she has gotten far more attention than she deserves.

Skinny Dipper, I agree with you too. Let her speak and make a fool of herself.

Oemissions said...

the Ottawa academic was aware of her past diatribes and was gently suggesting that she wash her mouth with soap before speaking on campus.
Coulter was the one who cancelled the talk.
Let's remember here how Amy Goodman,mild mannered journalist, that she be, was treated at the border, causing her to be late for her talk at the Vancouver library, and given less than 48 hrs to stay in Canada.

LeDaro said...

It is interesting that CBC is preaching that ignore Coulter yet they gave the maximum coverage. Neil MacDonald wrote a big article on that. Last night a lot of time was devoted to this crazy woman during ‘At Issue’ panel and then of course Rex Murphy had his whole damn diatribe about Coulter and that we are hicks and suppressed the freedom of speech. So CBC says ignore her yet talks about her incessantly.

I agree with Oemissions that Canada can put restriction on Amy Goodman but Ann Coulter is ok. Harper government banned entry of British MP George Galloway. It is these double standards which are unacceptable.

The Mound of Sound said...

So she's a hateful, malicious sow, so what? Yes our government screwed Amy Goodman but does that mean we have to become an equal opportunity screwer? The government is ideologically driven, even to the point of repeated rank hypocrisy. We know that. I just don't see how we get anything out of giving Coulter and Levant the very thing they so crave.

LeDaro said...

An interesting post on double standards here: