Friday, March 19, 2010

Canada Thwarts Bluefin Protection

The Atlantic bluefin tuna is on the ropes. Overfishing has caused stocks to drop by 75% and many countries, including the United States, warn the prized species is seriously endangered. That's why the Harper regime joined forces with the Japanese to sabotage a proposal to ban the export of the bluefin.

In keeping with its enthusiastic support for seabed trawling, Canada joined other nations in rejecting a bluefin ban proposal that came before a United Nations conference on the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species in Qatar.

But wait, there's more!

Canada also blocked an American proposal to ban the international trade in polar bear skin and parts.

Oh well, did you hear about all the gold medals we won at the Olympics?


Anonymous said...

Canada not only blocked but in so doing sided with Libya. Doesn't that just stick in a concerned Canadians craw when it comes to the Canadian fishery. God does not miraculously fix earthly problems no matter how much religious fundamentalist pray. What does that have to do with the subject you ask? Mr. Harper seems to think it does. The man is deliberately exasperating. Why is Harper turning Canada into a deliquent?

The Mound of Sound said...

Harper's environmental leanings are outrageous. That helmet-headed jackass couldn't care less. He doesn't see the bluefin glass as three-quarters empty but as a tantalizing and lucrative one-quarter full.

LMA said...

Canada's failures to deal with environmental concerns and climate change are earning us quite a reputation on the international stage these days.
Yesterday, the Guardian reports the views of the Sierra Club as follows:
"Canadian climate science is falling behind and the world is not getting information about what is happening in the Canadian Arctic...Harper sees climate change as a communications problem and is eliminating government-funded climate research so there won't be any bad news about what is happening...the government is doing nothing on climate, but they always make sure to sound like they're doing something to fool Canadians".

Can Canadians be so easily fooled, or are they just unwilling to change their lifestyle?

Anyong said...

LMA....correct "Canadians are just unwilling to change their lifestyle" because they would have to think. As a family member said...."climate change is in the bowls of stupid people". Now there is wisdom for you.

The Mound of Sound said...

No question on that LMA. Harper has found the perfect "out." He knows the US Congress will likely scupper any meaningful action on emissions controls so he's piggybacking on that. It is nothing short of disgraceful but, for Harper, ideology trumps integrity every time. Fortunately, for the Tories, they have a complacent opposition save for the Bloc.

Oemissions said...

Well, atleast they are going to study the environmental impact of salmon farms before grating further development and...,