Thursday, March 18, 2010

Third Time... Lucky? Or Why Does Stephen Harper Hate Theresa Fraser?

It seems the Harper government can't wait to see Theresa Fraser in the cold, cold ground.

The poor 77-year old from, get this, Garden of Eden, Nova Scotia, has twice been given up for dead by the feds in just the past five months. The government Scrooged Mrs. Fraser the first time in November when she drove into town to do some Christmas shopping. She went to the bank to get out some of her pension money only to find the cupboard bare. The insanely cruel Harper government had stopped depositing her cheques when another Theresa Fraser of Pictou County died.

The bank teller helped Mrs. Fraser get the Canada Revenue Agency sorted out, but not for long. Last week she received a letter addressed to the "estate of Theresa Fraser" demanding return of the $94 GST cheque they had mailed to her in January.

Mrs. Fraser hopes to get this mess sorted out before the Feds are right.


Anonymous said...

There is a difference in the spelling of the last name as well. Theresa spells her name Fracer and the other Fraser.

Fish said...

Clearly Stephen Harper has been picking randon names out a hat and persecuting the lottery winners again. Bastard!