Monday, March 01, 2010

McClatchey Newspapers Compares Vancouver Games to Hitler's '36 Berlin Olympics

This from today's McClatchey news:

After a spirited torch relay ignited pride in every corner of the country, the Olympic Games began and quickly galvanized the nation.

Flags were everywhere. The country's national symbol hung from windows and was worn on nearly everyone's clothing.

Fervent crowds cheered every victory by the host nation.

But enough about the 1936 Berlin Olympics

...for the most part, the most underappreciated soul at these Olympics was an American or a European on the medals stand.

Yes, every host nation cheers lustily for its native Olympians. But never in my experience to the extent that we saw here, where the rest of the world's athletes were little more than drink coasters at the party.

South Korean Kim Yu-Na's dazzling gold-medal performance in women's figure skating, for example, was overwhelmed here by the attention given to Quebec's Joannie Rochette, whose mother tragically died.

...Team Canada hockey jerseys became the uniform of the streets. Maple leafs were either hanging or on clothing everywhere.

One thing I never saw: a simple flag or shirt with the five Olympic rings. Not anywhere. After 15 Olympics, that was a first.

I didn't attend the '36 Olympics, but I've seen the pictures. Swastikas everywhere.

...An Olympic host is supposed to welcome the world. This one was too busy being (their word) "patriotic."

"Now you know us, eh?" chief organizer Furlong said.

We thought we did two weeks ago. Now, I'm wondering if Canadians can even recognize themselves.

Nice party. But so 1936.

Cute references coming from a hack from the first Western country to illegally attack and conquer another nation since the Soviets took Czechoslovakia. Typical fucking American bullshit. Typical fucking American.

By the way, this Hitler guy. Isn't he the one who lied his ass off to find an excuse to invade another country? Hmm.


Northern PoV said...

But both Harper and Hitler prorogued their parliaments to neuter the opposition.


crf said...

Reporters who think the Olympics are the lens to look into a nation's soul are stupid. (Hmm, maybe that argument is not terse enough: simply "Reporters are stupid" perhaps?)

Braindead displays of patriotism at the Olympics? Is that a dog I hear barking? The Olympics are a two week sports party, and will never be a prelude to a Fourth Reich.

And the torch relay is just a parade. Yes. Really. It doesn't take a Nazi to think that some sort of parade would be a good idea to promote the Olympics. That's the flaw in the idea that since the Nazis were the first to do the torch relay, it therefore means torch relays are Nazi.

LeDaro said...

What a nonsense from McClatchey. I suppose Americans are sore that their butts were whacked over hockey.

I did not like that Harper prorogued Parliament using Olympics. I did not watch that much of Olympics and news were all screwed up and am relieved that it is over but McClatchey is pure bull.