Thursday, March 18, 2010


Flak. Today, it's a mildly perjorative term for those who toil at "public relations" which is, itself, a highly flattering title for what are often little more than rank dissemblers, obscurers and spin meisters who seek not to 'relate' to the public but to mislead, confuse and manipulate the public. The name itself comes from the German Fliegerabwehrkanone or anti-aircraft cannon that barraged Allied bombers in an attempt to rattle their crews and make them miss their mark.

We're told that the already hyper-secretive Harper regime is not going to allow Parliament to see its documents pertaining to the handling and subsequent treatment of Afghan detainees but, instead, is going to have ex-judge Frank Iacoboucci review them so that he can opine on what MPs may and may not see. Judge Frank has been given guidelines with more than generous wiggle room for him to pass judgment on these documents.

How do we know Judge Frank will be more jurist than flak in this job? Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who watches the watchmen? Why, I guess that would be Stephen Harper and Peter MacKay, wouldn't it? And isn't that precisely the problem that brought us here?

The opposition needs to dig in on this one but I can't see them willing to risk facing an election over a few tortured Afghans. No, I think they'll use it to make a bit of noise before scampering back into their dark corners. Brace yourselves kids, we may be in for the full Flakoboucci.


LeDaro said...

As far as Afghanistan detainees’ fiasco is concerned it is no longer an issue for the opposition. I watched question period last two days and not a single question on that topic

The Mound of Sound said...

I suspect they're more absorbed with the fight to force disclosure of documents than pursuing the ongoing detainee problem. Yet you would think they should be able to be on top of both.

LeDaro said...

There were no longer questions on "disclosure of documents" either from any opposition party. Harper has succeeded to put this issue behind him for now. Iggy is missing in action somewhere. He was not in the Parliament even this week so far.