Sunday, March 07, 2010

Cut It Out, You're Scaring the Driver!

I swear, I promise never again to use the metaphor about 'throwing somebody under the bus.' We've all gotta stop, please?

Put yourself in the shoes of the humble bus driver. Imagine. All you ever read about is people throwing other people under your bus. In other words, you're being used - apparently constantly used - as a freebie executioner. I can't understand how a driver could even look underneath his bus. Every little muffled thump, every bump, you'd be wondering if you just ran somebody over.

There was a time we used to throw people off a cliff or throw them to the wolves or toss them to the lions. My point is there are options. And I'm sure with a little creativity we can come up with no end of new things to throw people to or under or off.

But, please, let's lay off bus drivers - at least for a while. Please?

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