Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Any Port In a Storm, Even the NDP

How does somebody who has been a Dipper for six months get to lead the NDP?  Better yet, how does someone who was a separatist supporter just six months ago rise to NDP leadership?

Is the NDP so bereft of leadership talent that it has to appoint someone who, as recently as six months ago, was anti-federalist?   According to Wiki, during her tenure as leader of the Public Service Alliance of Canada, Nycole Turmel, encouraged Quebec members to vote for the Bloc.

It sounds as though Turmel saw the writing on the wall for the Bloc and figured her best shot for getting a seat in Parliament was to jump to the NDP.   And now, she's leader - acting Leader of the loyal(?) Opposition.  Yippee!


rww said...

I read the first sentence. It was a lie. So I stopped reading.

The Mound of Sound said...

A lie? Only in your dreams, RWW. Sorry, we can all have our opinions but we have to stick to the facts even if they're awkward. That you "stopped reading" speaks volumes. Yet I'm pretty sure on such a brief item as this you're bullshitting.

LeDaro said...

rww,Nycole Turmel gave an interview to CBC yesterday admitting that she was a member of BQ until January of this year and also she is still member of Quebec Solidaire.

Sooo if you were watching the interview then you must have changed the channel because according to you she was lying.

UU4077 said...

Going for the easy sound-bytes now? Just like the MSM? Quebec politics is never quite so simple, or tranparent.