Monday, August 22, 2011

Where's Waldo? Tripoli Style

Muammar Gaddafi has gone to ground and nobody seems to know where.   He might be hunkered down inside his personal compound where a fierce firefight continues as rebels close in.  He might have already fled the country.  Al Jazeera yesterday reported the mysterious appearance of two, South African jetliners seen circling over the Libyan capital.

The rebels say they've captured two of Gaddafi's sons - the brutal killer, Saif, and the relatively likeable eldest son, Muhammad.  Al Jazeera spoke with Muhammad who first said he was being treated decently by rebels who had surrounded his compound.   Later, however, with the sound of automatic gunfire in the background, Muhammad said fighting was underway inside his house.   Then the phone line went dead.  That is, apparently, the last anyone has heard from Muhammad Gaddafi.

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Anonymous said...

Remember, leave the brutal one alive for the trial and subsequent media circus, to show that the winning team is all made up of 'good guys'. And make sure the likeable, reasonable one is dead, so that nobody can think to rally around him. Especially once the new CIA-backed government cuts health care, cuts education, has its central bank impose economic hardship, and practically gives away Libya's oil to foreign corporations.