Tuesday, August 30, 2011

U Vic's Gift to the World

The University of Victoria in conjunction with the British Columbia government is releasing online a 4-part course on climate change.   The programmes cut through the scientific jargon and present the facts in layman's language.   The course was created for the BC public service and educators but is also available free to the public.

You can access it here.   The course was created by the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions which is hosted by U Vic in collaboration with UBC, Simon Fraser and the University of Northern British Columbia.   The first module was unveiled Monday by BC EnviroMin Terry Lake at the Institute of Public Administration of Canada annual conference.

PICS director, Tom Pedersen, hopes the videos will go viral.

"I hope the public and policy-makers will understand when they are being duped by those segments of society that would rather we do nothing about acting on climate change," he said.
"Some sectors, driven by particular political ideologies, seem to think [that] if we continue to pollute the atmosphere with greenhouse gases, everything will be fine. Everything will not be fine."

 No word yet on when Harper and his caucus will schedule their own private screening of the programmes.  Maybe they can just watch these, the stuff prepared for grade school kids:

Or, if you like, you can check out Lecture 1 here.   Warning, long pants  required to view this.

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