Tuesday, August 09, 2011

What Michelle Bachmann Watched on Sunday

Oh those crazy foaming fundamentalist rightwingers and their homophobia.

On Sunday, Bachmann and her curious husband, attended a church service at which the pastor railed on, denouncing homosexuality as "unnatural" and "immoral."  At the end of the sermon the congregation got to watch this video of Adam Hood, a self-proclaimed "ex gay."

Think Progress reports that the marriage of religious fundamentalism and state corporatism got a boost at the recent ALEC conference in New Orleans.   State legislators attending the American Legislative Exchange Council, where Big Business hands compliant legislators draft legislation to take home and implement, were also given anti-LGBT literature in their handouts.   The pamphlets, produced by the Family Research Center, were entitled the “Top Ten Myths About Homosexuality” and the “Top Ten Harms Of Same-Sex ‘Marriage”.

Doing her furious fundamentalist best for the advancement of corporatism, Michelle Bachmann has pledged that, if only enough crazy people vote to put her in office, she'll lock the doors and turn out the lights at the Environmental Protection Agency which she slams as the greatest job killer in America.

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