Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Three Qualities Obama Lacks - Convictions, Courage and Strength

In just over 15-months Americans will choose their next president.   At this point Barack Obama's future hinges on the Republicans fielding a really terrible candidate, somebody like Michelle Bachmann.  In other words, Obama will likely win only by default.

As Brookings Institute analyst William Galston observes, there are two qualities Americans need from their president, both of them Obama came up short on in the debt debacle.

"Most Americans will accept a president with whom they disagree. Above all, they want two things from the occupant of the Oval Office—a core of convictions they can understand and the strength to fight for them." 

Galston provides a thoughtful analysis of Obama's mis-steps in the debt/deficit fiasco and how he allowed control of the agenda to be pulled from his fingers.


Steve said...

I have read that the first meeting every US President has is with a person who recounts the history of the lone gunman.

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