Thursday, August 25, 2011

FOX News Admits Global Warming Science is Legit

This FOX News panel has stumbled upon a breathtaking discovery - apparently this anthropogenic global warming theory is true.   Yep, the facts do seem to back it up.  Why they've even got the FOX "brain room" looking into it right now.

So you're probably asking, "what's the catch?"   And there is indeed a catch.   While FOX News says Republican presidential nomination contender Rick Perry is a bag of wind for denying the truth of global warming - wait for it - it doesn't matter.   That's right, global warming doesn't matter.   Republican primary voters couldn't care less about global warming.  It simply doesn't matter.

And while we're on the topic of the Republican front-runner whack job, Rick Perry, there's this report from Grist that the never-ending extreme drought plaguing Texas may shut down several of Perry's state's power plants this fall.   Even though these plants are run on fossil fuels, all that heat is useless unless there's plenty of fresh water to boil to produce the steam that turns the generator turbines.  No water, no power.   No water, all you're left with is more useless hot air, just like the governor himself.

A number of Texas power plants may need to cut back operations or shut down completely if the state’s severe drought continues into the fall, an official with Texas’ main transmission manager told FuelFix.
 If the state’s drought continues for much longer and water levels continue falling at other power plant reservoirs, other units could be forced to curtail operations or shut-down completely, [said Kent Saathoff, vice president of system planning and operations for the Electric Reliability Council of Texas.]

Now the bitch is no power, no air conditioning, no refrigeration, which also, in a state beset by record-breaking temperatures, means no economy.   Simply put, Texas is screwed and it's screwed by something its highest elected officials won't even acknowledge exists.  Adios, suckahs!

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Anonymous said...

The U.S. wants to run a pipeline carrying, the dirty tar sands oil. The dirtiest energy on this planet.

Scientists found acid in the ocean, right up to the shores of BC. They were astonished. They thought the acid was way out in the deep. This acid will eat the shells off the crustaceans.. The coral is bleaching white. Scientists say, the Great Barrier Reef, will be gone, within twenty years.

Our oceans are dying. The seas have absorbed all the carbon monoxide they can bear.

If we don't get rid of fossil fuels, the planet will get rid of us.

However, greed trumps common sense every time