Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's Over. US Troops Leave Iraq.

The United States military mission in Iraq is over, eight years, eight months and 26-days after American tanks first poured in from Kuwait.  Some 4,500 US soldiers have died.  No one can be sure how many Iraqi civilians were killed.   The usual, obscene estimate is "more than 100,000."

The departure was marked by a flag ceremony at a corner of Baghdad airport.  Seats were reserved on the reviewing stand for Iraqi prime minister Nouri al Maliki and president Jalal Talibani but they were "no shows."

Obama has declared the Iraq occupation a success.   How can he know that when none of the truly important decisions has yet been taken.

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Anonymous said...

The army troops may be gone, but the super-embassy is still there, as are the hired mercenaries.