Friday, December 09, 2011

The Way It Is - Slow Turning, Hiatt

I'm beginning to realize there aren't many of us mourning the demise of the Canadian Left.  Even veteran NDP'ers seem quite happy to watch their party become Latter Day Libs, helping the Conservative Lite Libs help Harper achieve his prime objective of shifting Canada's political centre well to the right.  Enjoy.


crf said...

Remember the excuse for the 2005 vote that led to the downfall of Martin's government, ostentiably some difficult to understand gumpf from the NDP about ensuring no privitisation of health care?

It must have worked. Because we have no private care yet!
Thanks NDP!

Anonymous said...

The NDP back then probably thought the new Conservatives were simply another party, on the right, but that their extreme Reform views would poison them to the Canadian population as soon as they had a chance to come out. So they'd attack and steal votes from the Liberals, and the new Conservatives would either fracture or go Reform and scare off voters, and next election we'd have an NDP government.

Too bad about the whole highly centralized, iron fisted party discipline, censoring of MPs who matter little in the face of the Party and its politburo, thing. The NDP probably never even suspected that Harper wasn't really a Reformer, but more of a blue Soviet.