Monday, December 26, 2011

This One is for James Morton, Happy New Year James.

I watched it, had to post it.   Enjoy, James


LeDaro said...

A typical baby no matter what the species.

I saw the video earlier on Huffpost – cute.

Anonymous said...

For most Canadians, our wildlife is precious. We have to constantly fight, greedy politicians to save them.

What about the video, of a mother Polar Bear eating her babies, because she knows she can't look after them? Global warming is melting the ice floe's. Polar Bears need them to hunt for seals. They clocked one bear, that swam for 9 days to reach an ice floe. The baby Polar Bears can't swim the distances with their mothers, they drown.

The Polar Bears are worth saving, Harper and his rabid greed isn't.

James C Morton said...

Love this. Thank you

Beijing York said...

OMG. He is so adorable. So sad that he is not with his mother.