Thursday, December 22, 2011

Not Your Standard Christmas List

The High-Tech Priests at CNET have published an unusual, Top 10 List that they describe as the 10 technology trends that "keep us up at night."

Most of their tech worries concern technological destruction of personal privacy and the spread of the surveillance society including geo-tracking.   Another was the development of an internet "kill switch" that would enable the White House to disable the internet during a national "cyber-emergency," the very sort of thing Hosni Mubarak attempted before his overthrow.

Autonomous killing technologies, "Terminator" style, are discussed.   The final entry is the erosion of our attention spans due to being overwhelmed with everything from social media to online communication and, of course, multi-tasking that results in, "a condensed culture of half-finished books and almost executed actions, constantly anticipating what's next."

And, with that, Merry Christmas!

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