Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Canada's New Holocaust Deniers

Forget Keegstra, forget Zundel, there's a brand new breed of holocaust deniers infesting Canada and they reach all the way to the top levels of government, industry and our media.

There's a holocaust coming that's going to make the WWII holocaust look like a bad traffic accident. The coming holocaust is forecast to result in scores of millions of dead and upwards of a billion people permanently displaced from their homelands.

What's really galling about our 21st century holocaust deniers is that they know this is coming, they know they must act now to deal with it, but they have elected to preserve their prosperity and indulgence by spreading confusion about the problem and by claiming to be acting on it while actually subverting any meaningful action.

Today's holocaust deniers are the likes of Big Oil, our federal Tories and their handmaidens in the Canadian media (and you know which papers those are). These types, and their supporters, have made a choice knowing it will be the men, women and children of the far north and the tropics, particularly sub-Saharan Africa who will pay the price for their choice.

That's the ugly side of the global warming debate, the one that the TarSanders, NatPo and the Harpies never mention. Harpo will drone on endlessly about bringing faux democracy to Afghanistan while 55-year old men sell their 12-year old daughters to other 55-year old men. Why won't he talk about bringing real peril - drought, famine and dislocation to Africa - in his quest to transform Canada into an "energy superpower"? I'd love to know how, when Stevie gets on his knees at night and says his prayers, he rationalizes this to his God. I'll bet when it comes to the devastation of climate change, God is as far from Harpo's mind as those kids in Africa.

Canada's last crop of holocaust deniers was bad enough but they merely argued that history didn't happen. Our new crop is so much worse. They deny what is already happening and about to happen on a horrific scale and work to ensure that it does. But this is Canada, a place where these people are still treated with great civility and respect. I guess that alone makes us all a bit culpable.


Anonymous said...

Your post insults the millions who died at the hands of that evil monster, Adolf Hitler.

How dare you equate opposition to Kyoto with the deaths of millions of Jews. How dare you.


Brian said...

Are we sure we want to be making this comparison...leaving aside discussions of its accuracy, it's a touch inflamatory and more than a little bit offensive. This doesn't encourage a healthy debate, and alienates a potential group of allies in people who are offended by the holocaust comparison. It's also a staggering overstatement. Of course you have the right to say what you want, but this is a childish way of doing it.

Dante said...

You are a fucking idiot.

Kyle G. Olsen said...

That you even compared Global Warming, to the Holocaust is disgusting.

The Holocaust was a planned extermination of a people, conducted with intent, documentation, and precision.

That you equate a potential disaster, that is a side effect of past actions, to targeted killing based on religion and belief on a massive scale shows how you neither understand Global Warming or the significance of the Holocaust.

The Mound of Sound said...

I'm not denying the horror of the Holocaust 60-years ago. That atrocity was committed by a monstrous deviant. The atrocity that is looming today, however, we can't blame on any evil dictator - it's our doing - and it is going to eclipse in death and suffering what Hitler and his gang did during WWII. This isn't a "potential disaster" but a reality and you can't excuse it as "past actions." If you want to take that as some desecration of the Jewish people, that's too bad.

stuck on stupid said...

so the perpetrators of the new holocaust must be India, China, Brazil etc who refuse to have any GhG emission laws or caps apply to them.

Must be the salt in the air in Parksville rusting your synaptic junctions.

Or you are terminally stupid

Lemon said...

Read your own post - you are accusing those who don't drink the gorezuki koolaid of being monstrous deviants. You are diminishing the murder of millions of Jews.
The fact that you're wrong on the facts is irrelevant.

The Strong Conservative said...

Please explain why Mars and Venus are also warming along with the Earth.

Dennis said...

I know plenty of people who were offended by this and I'm going to say the same thing here that I said to them:

WHY are you surprised by any of this?? The so-called "science" behind anthropogenic global warming is pure bunk; what my daddy would have called "beer-battered bullshit." The simple fact is, argumentum ad hominem is all they've got.

None of this drivel should surprise anyone and as far as being offended goes, some things really are beneath contempt...

The Mound of Sound said...

I should have known that unauthorized mention of the word (and it's only a word)"holocaust" would have triggered the vitriol of those who treat it as some sort of trademarked sacrement.
I'm not an anti-semite,never have been, but, to me, the Jewish holocaust of the 1940's is a sad piece of history, and not much more.
There are those who seem to need to keep it somehow enshrined, perhaps if only to bolster the claim to Israeli exceptionalism. They are, of course, free to play it for all its worth but I have no obligation to wear it on my sleeve or treat it with ageless reverance.
I'm a lot more worried about those vast numbers of other innocents who are also going to receive a fate the did nothing to deserve. If you've got a problem with that, you've got a problem.
As for you global warming deniers, take your claptrap somewhere else. The Big Tobacco/Big Oil spin meisters are waiting for you with open arms.
Peace be with all of you.