Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wolfie Fights to Save What He's Already Lost

Mission Accomplished, Wolfie Boy
It's a spectacle befitting a Greek tragedy. Paul Wolfowitz negotiating his resignation from the World Bank in a vain attempt to salvage his reputation. He doesn't understand that the World Bank was his hidey-hole, the place he was to go to lay low while memories of his instigation of the Iraq war fiasco dimmed. It wasn't a bad job, all he had to do was keep very quiet.

He blew it. Now he's Paul Wolfowitz, architect of America's greatest foreign policy blunder of all time and chump who couldn't even hang onto a job bestowed on him by his own government.

Paul, you might as well just resign and go away quietly. You don't have any reputation left to salvage. You're a two-time loser in a stratus where damned few even get second chances. Go away, preferably well into the night. You're embarrassing senior management.

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