Monday, October 01, 2007

AfriKom - Open for Business

The US military has officially opened its latest franchise, Africa Command. As you might expect, AfriKom has just one base right now, in Stuttgart, Germany. Plans are underway, however, to find real African nations willing to host American military bases, 24 being the target.

The only thing really apparent about AfriKom is Washington's desire to blanket the region with its military forces. Curiously, they're not saying what they've got in mind. They have said that all those soldiers won't be there to secure American access to resources or to hunt terrorists. Maybe they'll just sit around to make sure no African leader gets too uppity with Washington. I mean they've got to be there for some purpose, don't they?

Liberia is reported to be willing to accommodate some American military presence but other African states seem reluctant, even wary. Nigeria is trying to keep AfriKom's headquarters out of the Gulf of Guinea region.

South Africa's Defense Jinister Mosiuoa Lekota is a bit more blung, "Africa has to avoid the presence of foreign forces on her soil.'' Yeah, well, good luck with that Mosiuoa. Whether you like it or not, there'll be plenty of foreign forces on your doorstep soon, very soon.

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