Saturday, October 27, 2007

Diseased Maniacs at Death's Door Need Not Apply

My American friends:

Please amend your constitution - soonest - to totally disqualify maniacs afflicted with chronic disease from holding any senior office in your government. I shouldn't have to explain the reasoning. Give a guy a few heart attacks and he may go from a coward who dodged his country's draft five, yes that's FIVE count'em, times into an outright lunatic who can't find the son or daughter of a working family he doesn't want to send to that very same place.

Take the loser you've already got - the one who lied your country into quagmire and economic ruin - and put him on a plane en route to rendition to the Hague. He's nothing more than a shitsack criminal anyway, who needs him? Besides, it's not like the Dutch will torture the creep unlike the Syrians and Egyptians to whom this jackass has entrusted the fate of many innocents.

Above all, don't let a guy who can't realistically expect to be drawing breath a few years hence hold the power to plunge your country into unwinnable wars. If he isn't going to be around to face the consequences, he shouldn't have the choice in the first place.

Storm the Bastille, arrest Cheney! It's not like he's got a lot to lose.

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