Thursday, October 18, 2007

Okay, Mr. D., Just What is the Game Plan?

Is it still Mr. Dion or just Mr. Disappointment?

Our Liberal leader did not distinguish himself yesterday in his cold-porridge response to the Harper throne speech. The opposition will bring amendments which, if they're rejected, will send it scurrying to abstain from actually taking a position on policies it has long condemned.

Mr. D's Liberal party is in a tactical retreat, or so we're told. The only thing clear is its intent to head for the hills at the first sign of anything it doesn't like. Even if it is a wise option for the caucus - it's a message to every uncommitted Canadian voter that the Libs are in disarray and routed.

Running is one thing, running away is another. There has to be a game plan, something understandable, compelling and convincing, that you're running to or else you're just running away.

The Official Opposition doesn't run from the government it is supposed to oppose. It stands and makes its opposition known and felt. It presents the electorate with a clear alternative, another option they can support.

Tabling amendments doesn't cut it. That's whining, not opposing. To announce, in advance, that you'll be putting forward these amendments and then folding your hand if they're not accepted, gives feckless a near-religious quality.

If Dion wants our support, he needs to earn it. He must come out with a clear, forceful and cogent policy - one that reflects his vision and that carves out real territory for the Libs and forces the NDP and CPC to their natural warrens.


Anonymous said...

This is why I hate some bloggers. You've got way too much time on your hands, all you can do is sit around and post useless, impatient critiques. Why exactly must your support be earned? Are you elected? Are you working? Your arguments here are empty and pointless. Try again.

Dion earned your support when he won 55% on the final ballot last December and now has the right to plot out his strategy in advance of the next election. Let's let him do that and quit the pointless, unhelpful sniping.

The Mound of Sound said...

Why must my support be earned? Well, it's called democracy. It's a state of affairs in which one leader gets to form a government by (in theory at least) earning the support of more qualified voters than that received by his rivals. No one made Stephane some sort of Pope, much as you seem to think otherwise. If he doesn't earn my support I have the option of either withholding it or placing it somewhere more deserving. Mr. Dion has had ample time to put before us an agenda that we all can support - and he hasn't done it. No, I'm not elected but I am an elector,a voter, just like you and on this blog I'll say what I please when I please. Don't like that, catch the next bus.

Anonymous said...

yeah, and have the guts to sign your name too.