Friday, October 26, 2007

US Questions NATO's Credibility. Really?

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates, water carrier to the most delusional administration in his nation's history, has called into question the committment of some NATO nations to "winning in Afghanistan."

This jackass, whose own nation created the mess in Afghanistan by bailing out of that country to create an even greater mess in Iraq, told a group of senior US officers, "The failure to meet commitments puts the Afghan mission - and with it, the credibility of NATO - at real risk.''

These comments attempt to perpetuate Washington's self-serving myth that Afghanistan is NATO's mission, not its own. It's America that has some 30,000 soldiers in Afghanistan compared to 160,000 in Iraq - all of it on a deranged, diseased, bald bastard's wet dream. It's America, and Gates' very own Pentagon, that have created two losing wars and now stand on the verge of opening a third.

If the other NATO nations need any advice about maintaining their credibility, best that advice come from a country that can still claim some credibility itself.


Anonymous said...

Afghanistan was a bait and switch operation from the beginning. Countries which sent troops there expecting to participate in the transformation of NATO to a peacekeeping / reconstruction role, instead found a NATO transformed into a league of American client states, expected to provide auxiliary forces for participation in the Afghan theatre of the American / Israeli Middle East colonial wars. My hats off to Those who refused to go along with the switch.

The Mound of Sound said...

Doz, I agree. In earlier posts I wrote that my fear for the future of NATO was that it would be turned into America's Foreign Legion, a Coalition of the Obligated, to be thrown in whenever it suited Washington.