Monday, April 14, 2008

The Delusional Fantasies of the National Spot

Forget all those awkward admissions Rick Hillier made last week about Canadian forces being so short-handed they've been dodging the hotspots in Kandahar province. Hillier doesn't know what he's talking about, at least according to the National Spot's Afghanistan specialist Matthew Fisher.

In today's paper, Fisher claims: "One can only guess at the reasons that Canadians have not been told that their soldiers have the insurgents on the run in Kandahar."

Now there you have it, Hillier is keeping this little secret to himself. He doesn't want you to know that his soldiers "have the insurgents on the run in Kandahar." One can only guess why, I guess, sort of.

Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, the Taliban stopped running just long enough yesterday to blow up a British vehicle patrolling only a couple of kilometres west of Kandahar airfield (the Canadian base) killing two soldiers and wounding two others.

After that the Taliban ran straight over to a police station in Kandahar where they killed 11-officers as they lay sleeping. This was the second police killing in as many days in Kandahar. CNN reports the killings may have been an inside job:

"The Kandahar police official said an initial investigation revealed that an officer may have "had a hand" in the attack because the militants were able to fatally shoot the officers while they were asleep.

The attack occurred in the Arghandab district, some six miles (10 km) north of Kandahar city.
On Saturday, four officers were killed when militants attacked a police unit as they were eradicating poppy fields, officials said.

In recent months, militants have stepped up attacks against local police, coalition troops and NATO-led forces

Good thing for us that we've got the insurgents on the run in Kandahar, eh?


LeDaro said...

Insurgents "on the run" only means that they exercise and jog a lot while our troops rest and relax, eh!

Another piece of crock.

JimBobby said...

They're in their last throes.