Friday, April 11, 2008

So, That's Why this Dick Is Smiling!

So just what is that image in Dick Cheney's sunglasses? He told Lynn he was off fishing. Just what sort of bait was he using anyway?
The debate rages whether the image is a sunbathing hottie or Cheney's own hand. What do you think?


LeDaro said...

Looks like sunbathing and jogging hottie. It is quite apparent how a Dick will react to that.

The Mound of Sound said...

LD - You go sit in the back of the classroom now until you learn how to behave!

LeDaro said...

I knew, I knew that you were a professor. Ok, I will sit in the back of the class and wait patiently for the the right answer.

Fish said...

So if I understand you correctly Mound, you're trying to figure out whether Dick is getting his jolies from a real live woman or from his own hand, right?

The Mound of Sound said...

You do not understand me correctly, Fish, and you are a true vulgarian. Remember, where ignorance prevails, vulgarity must certainly follow. Shame, shame on you. By the way, aren't your exams finished by now? Shouldn't you be doing something productive with that much too expensive education?

Fish said...

Hehehe, don't be sucha prude Mound! ;-)

Actually, yesterday was only the last day of classes. I'll be writing my first exam on Wednesday. I finish up around the end of this month, and then I get to spend the next two months getting kicked in the ass by the lovely people at the Law Society of Upper Canada. I then get to put my much too expensive education to work for the next ten months of articling.

The licensing process is a scam!

LeDaro said...

Hey Fish, good luck. I once attended University of Ottawa. Great school. Loved walking along Rideau Canal.
I thought your remark was funny. Ignore the absent-minded professor.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought the picture you posted on this blog might be rigged? Where is the evidence that this picture is the real thing?

Fish said...

Thanks for the kind words ledaro, I just like to tease Mound every now and then. Isn't that what old guys are for?

The city isn't looking its best right now as it's just the beginning of the spring thaw, but the flowers are just starting to poke their heads ou of the soil, so this city is going to be really green, really soon!

Relax anonymous, either way, we're only kidding around.

Even if it is real, it's not like it's clear enough to be sure what the actual image is.

The Mound of Sound said...

Anon, apparently it's an official photo and the Dickster's own PR brigades aren't claiming it was doctored.

And, as for you Fish, great luck with the exams and your afterlife as a card-carrying member of the toiling classes.

Where did you land your articles? Whatever you do, make the most of this practical, learning opportunity. I hope you fall under the wing of a good lawyer who can show you the ropes - actually do something for you in exchange for your efforts.

Remember this - Canada is awash in mediocre lawyers but there's an eternal shortage of the really good ones. Keep your eye on finding a niche in which you can excel and that means finding something you really enjoy. If you can't get your heart into it, you'll never really get your mind into it either.

So, good luck to you my friend and I hope you have a great career.



Fish said...

Thanks for the sage advice Mound. And I think you summed things up pretty well. In today's legal market, I have to specialize if I'm going to best serve my clients.

I am going to article (the one part of the licensing process that isn't a rip off) at a small firm in the small town of Hawkesbury. The lawyer I'm working for is a sole practitioner, but he has been before the Supreme Court on a number of important cases (one of whom I studied in my family law class last semester!).

I like the guy, and I'm looking forward to working for him. He has a reputation as an aggressive litigator, but he's also the kind of guy who can reach a deal with a handshake and be relied upon. The kind of lawyer I'm going to be.