Tuesday, April 29, 2008

When the Red Phone Rings at 3 A.M.

If it's all the same to Hillary Clinton and her fans, when that red phone rings at 3 a.m., I'd rather it wasn't answered by someone whose idea of experience is having told audiences - five times - how she'd braved sniper fire in Bosnia. I had thought this was just a one-off fib when I heard it but the Washington Post reports she liked it so much, Hillary parlayed that whopper five times before she got called on it. She didn't "misspeak", she mis-lied - through her teeth - pulled it right out of her backside and just kept waving it around to prove she has "what it takes."

Now I don't know just what it takes in terms of experience to serve as president of the United States but Hillary obviously has some idea and she also must have a pretty good idea that she doesn't fit the bill, ergo the serial lying.

Hasn't this poor, bruised planet had enough of chronic liars in the White House? Do we need to shelve the Bush/Cheney Anthology of Lies with Clinton bookends?

But you know, maybe I'm being too harsh on Hillary. Maybe she wasn't actually lying. I mean it is possible that Mrs. Clinton is simply delusional. Maybe she actually believed she had been under sniper fire in Bosnia, believed it enough to describe the awful (yet enormously character-building) experience five times. Maybe, just maybe, she's as crazy as a cut cat. But, then again, if she is that divorced from reality, I'm not sure I want her taking that 3 a.m. phone call anyway.


GlenEden said...

I'd just be happy that at 3am most nights she'll have
Slick Willy there to confer with. And Janet Reno? Madeleine Albright? Those girls might be there when Bill's away. That's the Wright stuff, if you will.

The Mound of Sound said...

So GE, what makes you think Bill will be in Hillary's bed at 3 am? That's the great unknown, whether Hillie will be able to keep the Big Dog on the porch if she gets in to the White House.