Tuesday, July 07, 2009

WTF? CTV Wants Me to Pay Tribute to Michael Jackson?

Dear Conservative Television Network:

I've never placed an excessive confidence in your judgment. You do, after all, employ the living dead to anchor your newscasts and permit tiny porcine Yoda figures to shill for Stephen Harper before they're whisked away to the great Upper House.

But, to "invite" me and all Canadians to "pay tribute" to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson? Don't you think that's just a tad over the edge? Even for CTV?

Didn't the Romans start this nonsense by making their conquered countries pay tribute to them, the conquerors? Now explain to me why I should pay tribute or pay anything for that matter to a once highly talented but now even more highly dead, reputed child molestor who overdosed on prescription meds? After all, I was never conquered by Michael Jackson. Those kids might have been, but not me.

CTV thanks but no thanks. I'm going to pass on your invitation.

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