Sunday, December 20, 2009

Canada's Copenhagen Clown Car

Harper EnviroFraud Jim Prentice is a scream. He'll decide how not to do his job and says everybody else should fall in line with his rank dereliction of duty.

Literally bursting with glee at the nonexistant Copenhagen Accord the EnviroScammer paused to take a swipe at provincial leaders who he claimed were "working against their own country" by dissing the feds at the climate summit.

I think when we are on the international stage, Canadians need to bear in mind that we are there as a country, speaking as a country.”

Excuse me? Say that again? You and Harper were there and that makes you Canada, speaking for Canadians? That's simply not true. You and your boss are deviants. The Canadian people have said time and again they want action on climate change. You and Harp deviate from what Canadians want, from their clearly stated view and that makes you deviants. Don't bitch at Jean Charest. He's not a deviant, you are. Just because you're trying your hardest to dodge your job, don't complain if Charest doesn't follow suit.

Good for Charest because, unlike you two deviants, he's standing up for Quebec and for Canada. Best of all, the Quebec premier is standing up to you. This is how he put it, "In Copenhagen, the federal government has the power to sign treaties, but it doesn't have the power to bind provincial governments to them."

Besides Jimbo, it's not like you've got a signed treaty. You didn't even come back from Copenhagen with anything you could sign. You came back with precisely what you were hoping to get - nothing.


Jingles said...

MOS I almost always agree with your blogs. However, this time I think both Ontario and Quebec are out of line. 60 cents on every dollar made in Alberta is distributed to the rest of Canada. The hub of population is located in both Ont and Que. They have the most cars in this country polluting more than the Tar Sands while using Tar Sands oil. I am not defending the Tar Sands because that needs to be cleaned up but when Ontario and Quebec bitch about Alberta, they need to think about all the coal they mine which is adding to Global Warming. My guess is, the percentage of emmissions from coal fired electricity production would be much higher than the Tar Sands. What I am trying to say is not one province in this country has the right to leave the country to scold or condemn Canada vehemently and at length. It sounds like Ont and Que are actually setting the scene for economic reasons while they have the attention of other countries while attending the Summit on climate change. Harper is to blame for what we are not doing to cut our emissions. Harper knows there are Canadians who are concerned so he is leaving it up to us to curb the green house effect. He wants the ordinary Canadian to be inovative. He doesn't know what to do and he thinks that by doing this, he is off the hook. Ontario and Quebec ought to be looking after their own messes especially when they condemn Alberta overseas.

The Mound of Sound said...

Ontario and Quebec were actually pressing for stronger emissions reductions than the Cons propose. They want to go greener faster than Ottawa is willing to accept. When you think on that it should be apparent that they truly want greater reductions imposed on everyone, their own provinces included.

The Mound of Sound said...

"60 cents of every dollar made in Alberta is distributed to the rest of Canada." Do you actually believe that? Every dollar "made" in Alberta? What exactly does that mean? Made by whom exactly? And how, exactly, does that come to get "distributed to the rest of Canada"? I'd love to see that sourced because I don't believe it for a minute.

The Mound of Sound said...

Oh yeah, one other thing. What is the carbon footprint of an Ontarian or a Quebecer and what is the carbon footprint of an Albertan? If you're going to compare apples, compare them to apples not watermelons.

Anonymous said...
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Jingles said...

60. cents on every dollar from Tar Sands oil goes to equalization payments. Catch cross country checkup from today with Rex Murphy. Very interesting. I am not defending Tar Sands production but fair is fair. Medicine Hat has installed wind turbines for electrical production. There is enough gas in this area for a long time, yet, wind turbines have been installed. This city has had sewerage treatment long before Calgary and it is now being upgraded. Even Victoria is still dumping raw sewerage into the strait. Ontario's population is over 13 million and Que's is 7.8 million. Between them they are over 20 million. Transportation alone produces emissions greater than the rest of the country. Add coal fired electricity. I still think Ontario and Quebec don't have any right to go outside the country and smack at Alberta because it gets them attention. My point is yes, something has to be done regarding the Tar Sands emissions but let's recognize it is also feeding a gas hungry central Canada. I didn't exspect a negative from you since you are for the whole country. I wasn't trying to begin a negative dialogue with you.

The Mound of Sound said...

Sorry Jingles but you're going to have to come up with something vastly more credible than Rex Murphy to back up something as bizarre as a claim that 60 cents of every dollar of Tar Sands oil goes on equalization payments.

That would leave about 40-cents on the dollar for all exploration, development, refining and transportation expenses; oil company profits and return on investment and Alberta royalties. Tar Sands oil is already only marginally profitable so do you think Big Oil or the provincial government would tolerate 3/5ths being drained off in equalization payments?

I'm sorry but if Rex Murphy said that he's more pathetic than I'd ever imagined. That he might say that, however, is easier to believe.

And you should do a bit of homework on where that Tar Sands oil really goees. Here's a hint - it doesn't go to feed "a gas hungry central Canada." It goes predominantly to the United States.

You really should explore the facts of Tar Sands production, financing and revenues because your claims are aren't grounded in reality.

The Mound of Sound said...

Jingles, I thought of this Rex Murphy business overnight. Now I know he's a fellow Newf but, really, if you're looking for authoritative information even indirectly related to climate change, T-Rex is about the worst.

While I don't listen to his show (I gave up when his intellect shifted from lively to leaden) your remarks indicated RM was using equalization payments tied to the Tar Sands to criticize Ontario and question their motives.

Sorry but to hear a Newf, of all peoplel, use equalization payments to club Ontario over the head like some Harp seal is pretty rich. Murphy seems to have overlooked the span of several generations when his native province fed so freely from Ontario's equalization bosom until some foreigners found oil for them too.

Sorry Jingles. I'm not one to rally to the defence of Ontario but to hear them criticized on the basis of equalization by a Newf is just a bit over the top.

Jingles said...

I am not a Newf which is a derogatory word. I don't speak like one, I don't think like one and I don't act like one. I was born in England and have duel citizenship with Canada. I was partically raised on the WEST COAST of Newfoundland...big difference between there and St. John's. I haven't lived in Newfoundland for 44 years. I don't like Williams but I give him his due when it is due and it isn't over lowering the Newfoundland flag either. The only Prime Minister that ever considered Newfoundland's problems with the fishery or other issues was Lester Pearson.


Robert William Renner (born October 6, 1954 in Medicine Hat, Alberta) is a Canadian politician and current Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta spoke on CBC's Current before leaving for Copenhagen several weeks ago. He spoke about these issues. Ontario is now receiving equalization payments while Newfoundland is no longer. Rex Murphy's educated and well informed environmentalist interviews were not his opinion on CBC yesterday. For every dollar the Alberta Government receives from Tar Sands oil, .60 goes to transfer payments to the Feds...look it up yourself. You have choosen to take one comment regarding equalization and harp upon it while not addressing the others such as coal burning electricity in Ontario.

"Sorry Jingles. I'm not one to rally to the defence of Ontario but to hear them criticized on the basis of equalization by a Newf is just a bit over the top."

You have attacked me personally and it is obvious you are taking my comments personally or you wouldn't come back with such drival. Where do you live? Ontario or BC?

Just because I brought up a few facts about Ontario, doesn't give you the right to act live a rabid dog.

Jingles said...

" It goes predominantly to the United States." Predominantly is the operative word. The rest goes to Central Canada.

The Mound of Sound said...

As I said Jingles, find me an original source for that. Don't give me Rex Murphy's second hand drivel. I'm not prepared to accept at face value much of anything he says these days. You're the one who made the claim. You back it up.

Much of eastern Canada relies on foreign oil. You can look that up too while you're at it. Due to our exports of Alberta oil to the US we're a net exporter of oil.

You didn't "bring up a few facts about Ontario." You threw out some wild, unsubstantiated allegations that you aren't willing to source. Rejecting that doesn't make me a rabid dog.

The Mound of Sound said...

Hey Dingles. Since you won't bother to research or verify the startling "facts" you've put forward, I have taken 10-minutes to look at a couple of them.

Let's talk carbon emissions. Would it suprise you to know that big, populous Ontario with all those cars and those coal-fired power plants isn't Canada's top greenhouse gas emitting province? Sorry Dingle but that honour goes to Alberta. And, just in case you're wondering, I'm not talking "per capita" emissions but total emissions. On a "per capita" basis, Alberta is (to borrow a hackneyed phrase) "right off the charts."

But don't take my word for it, or Rex's either. Go to the Harper government's very own Stats Can:

Gee, Jingles, but what about all those Ontario cars and all those Ontario coal-fired plants? Yeah, they're a problem, one Ontario is looking to deal with. Alberta, however, is planning on vastly expanding its carbon footprint. Harper sees the Tar Sands expanding a further 200% by 2020 and that 'sequestration' fantasy? Well the Alberta government's 'target' is to sequester 20% of Tar Sands refining emissions.

These people are spoon-feeding you utter crap dear.

Unknown said...

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