Friday, December 18, 2009

Just What Canada Needs - A "Pro-Democracy Movement"

Lawrence Martin fired a shot across Harper's bow. Then Jim Travers did the same. Now it's the Ottawa Citizen's veteran pundit, Sue Riley, proclaiming that Canada needs our own "Pro-Democracy Movement."

One by one they're finally finding the courage to stand up and denounce Stephen Harper as a tyrant, a despot, a dictator who has corrupted the decency of Parliament and quite deliberately gored Canadian democracy in the process.

From the Stalinist way he reorganized the PMO, to the way he has treated the public service - civil and armed - as institutions he doesn't just administer but things he owns, tools to advance his interests, not Canada's - Harper has soiled parliamentary democracy. Aided to no end by an incompetent opposition, Harper has dragged our country dangerously to the far right - that place where unaccountability, deception, secrecy, duplicity and betrayal thrive. He has surrounded himself with a coterie of minions, suited and uniformed, who serve him as Boss. They're not as adept at it as their Boss which is why they so often say such stupid things and so clumsily trip over their transparent lies.

Sue's right, we do need a Pro-Democracy Movement because neither the NDP nor the Liberals are doing the job. We need new leadership, not a college professor but a shipyard worker, someone with the cojones to stand up to that schoolyard bully and clock him right between the eyes.


John Prince said...

Boy! I couldn't agree with you more. For some time now, I have been thinking exactly what you have just said. Good for you! Let's get the revolution on!!

It is time the people took over from the so-called 'experts and intellectuals' (sic) who have only made a mess of things, for most Canadians.

I think I can safely speak for most Canadians today that I know, that the following expresses where we are coming from...

"Give me freedom, or give me death!"

YES, to a Pro Democracy Movement in Canada!!!

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