Friday, December 18, 2009

The Most Useless Christmas Present of 2009

Here it is, ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS, the Card Game. Yeah, that's right. Rock, paper, scissors - the game kids have played since my Dad's youth and probably well before that. The difference between our game and this game? Ours was free. Ours involved trying to guess what the other player was likely to do. And ours usually involved a slap to the loser's hand or wrist.

Today's version comes with a box and everything. When I spotted this at the mall I first guessed that it must be for kids who don't have hands. It didn't take long to figure out you needed hands to hold cards. So, what's the deal? It looks like they've come up with a brilliant way to take all the fun out of the original version and soak parents for the privilege to boot.

What's the most useless, dumbest gift you've noticed this year? This should be good.

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