Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Harper's Take on Climate Change - Throw Another Deck on the Cottage

Stephen Harper takes global warming very seriously. The proof can be found in the team of experts the pm airlifted to Copenhagen, a team that features Gemini-award winning, TV handyman, Mike Holmes.

You're kidding me. A carpenter. I guess if he can fix a leaky roof, anthropogenic global warming should be a snap.

What's the matter, Steve. Was Joe the Plumber already taken?
(photo - Holmes on Parliament Hill after completing a dandy restoration on Gary Lunn's lifts)


Jingles said...

MOS I have to take umbridge with you regarding a person station in life as we do not know what went before.
When I was in university again as a mature student, I met a man who had an exhibition. This man made furniture. Several years prior to this event he had been practicing law. I also met a man who had attended one of my recitals who drove a semi. He had been a teacher with several degrees. He joked about probably being the only truck driver who listened to classical music while on the road. I agree with you that education is important with respect to representing a country as education is just not academics but a socail and cultural one as well.

The Mound of Sound said...

I have worked on assembly lines with PhDs. I'm sure if Mike Holmes had any such academic credentials we'd have heard all about it from the PMO. I think you can rest easy on that score, don't you?

Reid said...

Maybe it has something to do with his mission to transform house building in Canada into a green industry. But hey, continue your ignorant mockery of the man while you push for emissions reductions that are unrealistic, and moreso without the kinds of initiatives that Mike Holmes is fighting for.

The Mound of Sound said...

Yeah Reid, that's exactly what's needed at Copenhagen. I hope you fetch up something better than that for your clients.

LMA said...

As the Star article notes, this is yet another Harper attempt to appeal to the Tim Horton's crowd. Holmes is very popular and respected in his field, but I somehow doubt that green retrofits and new homes in his price range will be affordable for most Canadians, let alone in developing nations. Maybe he will have some suggestions for building houseboats for those poor people.