Sunday, May 29, 2011

Canada About to Lose 400,000 Sq. Kms.

A study released today warns that Canada will lose access to 400,000 sq. kms. of northern territory by 2050 and that's due to global warming.  The report by scientists at UCLA that a lot of northerners, dependent on ice roads for their survival, will find themselves cut off.

Canada is going to be feeling the harsh edge of the sword more strongly than other Arctic states,” says Scott Stephenson, lead author of the study that forecasts that the Northwest Passage will be the last Arctic shipping route to become ice free.
400,000 square kilometres of Canada — most of it in the southern Northwest Territories and the northern Prairie provinces — is predicted to become inaccessible by road by mid-century because of milder winters and deeper snow will prevent the ground from freezing solid.

"This study would suggest that Canada has more to lose that it realizes," senior author Laurence Smith, a UCLA climate researcher, said in a telephone interview.

“Popular conception has it that the Arctic is thawing, that it is opening up, and we’ll go in there and get the resources,” he says. “This study shows it is not as simple as that. In fact much of the landscape will become less accessible.“



Oemissions said...

they will use another mode of access

double nickel said...

Sure, as soon as someone invents teleportation.

The Mound of Sound said...

They will still have air transport but that will greatly ramp up the costs of everything they need to bring in - which is virtually everything. These communities relied on ice roads for their major resupplies. Oh I know. Harper will pick up the tab and subsidize their air freight costs, especially for the mines.

Anonymous said...

There are vast natural resources, in the high Arctic. You know, the exact resources, that cause global warming.

Harper does not care about the planet, he is all about greed and power. After all, the Alberta dirty tar sands, is the dirtiest form of energy on the face of this earth.

China bought a huge chunk of the tar sands. Harper wants a huge chunk of money from China in his coffers. Harper will pollute the entire province of BC, to make sure China has, easy access to the filthy grunge.

Harper with his majority, has swelled his head to the size of this globe. He intends to be a big shot, in the N.A.U. Harper's biggest problem is, he can't get along with, other country's politicians. Wikileaks has said, the N.A.U. is on the way. Wikileaks has also said, the Americans say, Harper is petty and a gasbag. They are right. Harper is far too arrogant and stubborn, to co-operate with anyone.