Sunday, May 29, 2011

Think of Them As "Terrorists In Training"

Another screwed up NATO airstrike in Afghanistan.   14-dead, reportedly all women and children.  Six others wounded.  The Talibs are busy signing up new recruits.

Karzai's beating his chest.   Says this is his "last warning" to ISAF and US forces to stop whacking Afghan civilians.  Doesn't say exactly what he's got in mind for when it happens again the next time (as it almost certainly will).

Poor old Hamid.  Where does he go from here?  The coming civil war won't go well for him and he's enough of a survivor to be under no illusions about that.  Try to imagine the contents of his top, desk drawer.   My guess is that you'll find a well-worn Makarov pistol, a souvenir of the old Soviet/Mujad days; and three neat stacks - one a bundle of bank books, the next a bundle of passports and the third a stack of first-class airline tickets to Paris.

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Anonymous said...

Canada should stick to being a peacekeeping nation. Bombing innocent children and their parents, is no answer to peace, in Libya. Why don't they go in and get Gadhafi, the same as they did, with Bin Laden.

In Afghanistan, we can win the battles, however, we can't win the war. As soon as the armies withdraw, they will go right back to stoning women to death, and depriving their daughters from an education. Tribal wars and ethnic cleansing will resume.

It has to be frustration for the soldiers, when they see their work undone. How terrible they feel, when they see children with missing limbs, and faces scarred forever. No white peace keeping army, will ever be tolerated in those Arab country's.

However, giant gas and oil corporations, thrive on war. There must always be a war somewhere.