Monday, May 16, 2011

An Ominous Message from Benny Netanyahu

It couldn't be clearer.   As far as Israeli prime minister Netanyahu is concerned, the occupied Palestinian territories are Israel's homeland.   That much was obvious when he proclaimed that Israel was willing to "cede parts of our homeland, " for true peace with the Palestinians.

Netanyahu said he believed that most Israeli people would stand behind a foreign policy based on the following points:

The demand that Palestinians recognize Israel as the national homeland of the Jewish people; a commitment to end the conflict; a solution to the Palestinian refugee issue that did not require absorption within Israel's borders; the establishment of a Palestinian state only in accordance with a peace deal that did not infringe on Israel's security; that said Palestinian state be demilitarized; the preservation of large settlement blocs within the West Bank; and the insistence that Jerusalem remain the undivided capital of Israel

What Netanyahu failed to mention is that his hardline conditions for lifting the occupation of the Palestinian homeland are unacceptable to the world community and afoul of international law.

Netanyahu has been roundly criticized by opposition leader Tzipi Livni for being too weak to prevent the United Nations vote on a Palestinian state scheduled for September.   With the vote widely expected to be passed, nations will then be free to establish diplomatic relations with the Palestinians and enter into alliances with the P.A.

"Unity to protect your leadership, prime minister, is not a worthy unity," Livni said.

"Today we are united to protect Israel against those who are working against our existence as a Jewish State ," Livni said   "But this unity is not enough. We need a vision. If only Herzl could shout out anti-Semitism! But he was a visionary because he understood that it is not enough to shout out, he has to implement policies to fulfill his vision. He understood that he needs the world's support of a Jewish State in order to fulfill his vision ." 

"I don’t know what is worse, the fact that you [Netanyahu] know what will save Israel and are afraid to make the decision, or that you are clueless ," she said.

Livni went on to criticize Netanyahu for travelling next week to the United States without a prepared peace initiative, and said that it was "unacceptable that Israelis have to pay the price for Netanyahu's weakness ."


Anonymous said...

So who is going to to nuclear war with Israel to enforce this international law?

Doz said...

My, how time flies. It seems like only yesterday that the stock zionist lie was that the settlements were only "bargaining chips", to be returned in exchange for a comprehensive peace settlement.

The Mound of Sound said...

Those "settlements" anchor Israel's claim to access to the major Palestinian aquifer beneath the West Bank. Netanyahu has openly stated Israel can't survive without that Palestinian groundwater. This idea of peace if only the Palestinians do this and agree to that is political bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Livni wonders why Netanyahu is travelling next week to the United States without a "prepared peace initiative." Question: How does one prepare a peace initiative with a counterparty who seeks your annihilation? While this premise is sarcastic, I admit, let me answer the question nevertheless. One way to prepare an initiative for peace with an enemy bent on destroying you, is to lay out terms that absolutely deny this possibility. This Benjamin Netanyahu has done.

The Mound of Sound said...

Sorry Anon but I don't buy it. Israel takes 83% of the water from the West Bank aquifer and it has no intention of honouring international law which prescribes that water is to be left by the occupying force for the inhabitants. Israel knows it, so do the Palestinians. If an occupier was stealing your resources and intended to make that permanent, how would you respond? Netanyahu may be able to blow smoke up your ass but the rest of the world isn't going for it.

C-Nuck said...

Israel is working hRs to solve the water problem in the region. Ithas a major water desalination plant in operation now (providing gazawith 50 % of it's water supply) and has the world's largest plant on track to open within 18 month which will supply Jordan with much needed water.
Israel is the world's largest recycler of brackish water for agricultural use.

Israel is using innovation and technology to remove water as an issue of contention.

Your stats of water use in the west bank are propaganda and do not correspond with data emanating from Israeli sources.

The Mound of Sound said...

Really, C-Nuck. "Data emanating from Israeli sources"? That's supposed to be reliable? Ya think? I don't.