Tuesday, May 03, 2011

If We Weren't a Full-Fledged Petro-State Before, We Are Now. And That'll Be "Mister" Big Oil to You, Pissant.

The Harper/Layton government has delivered Canada firmly into the hands of Big Oil.   With a big leg up from Laughing Jack, Furious Leader has given them what they most needed, a Conservative majority.   As The Globe's Carrie Tait writes, "Their man has a majority, now the oil patch wants elbow room. "

Mr. Harper has long defended Canada’s oil sector, calling the country an “energy superpower,” and he wasted no time sending a message to the energy industry that the newly fortified government has its back.

“There were a lot of policies being quoted by the other parties, whether it’s on West Coast transportation or the energy sector, that simply did not reflect the needs and concerns of this part of the country,” Mr. Harper declared in Calgary Tuesday morning, after clinching victory the night before.

“I actually argued during the campaign that the policies of our opponents were actually quite dangerous to the country as a whole, but obviously some specific policies seemed to be almost targeted to do damage to Western Canada,” he said. 

The statements refer partly to a Liberal and NDP effort to ban tanker traffic off the West Coast, which would disrupt Enbridge Inc.’s Gateway pipeline project that aims to ship oil sands oil to new markets in Asia.

Of course Furious Leader, a.k.a. "Big Prick" (not to be confused with his minion "Little Prick"), can't wait to repay his obligations to the Tar Sands even if that means screwing over British Columbia and putting our invaluable coast in real jeopardy.   We are, after all, that "West Coast transportation" annoyance.  We "simply don't reflect the needs and concerns of [Harper's] part of the country."  

Can someone inform that useless piece of shit that Athabasca and Alberta aren't "Western Canada."  We, out here on the coast, are Western Canada.  They're just another bunch of assholes from, what is to us, the East.


UU4077 said...

I understand your intial anger with the election results, but time to move on.

Your concerns are valid - your language isn't. You've become boorish.

After enjoying you blog for some time, I'm definitely moving to the conclusion that your blog is quickly becoming a case of "Nothing to see here. Time to move on".

crf said...

Oh good grief UU.

Harper will walk all over you. At least object. And do it strongly.

Moderate politics doesn't mean you have to always be moderate in your language when defending your principles. Being a bit rude for emotional effect doesn't necessarily diminish the underlying validity of the feeling or the argument.

LMA said...

Everytime Harper's face appears on the news, I swear at him, but MoS does it much better than I ever could. I'm very angry that Harper has control over our country and its' precious natural resources. I know MoS has big problems with Layton, but Layton is a fighter and he will attack Harper's ties to big oil relentlessly, and hopefully get a lot of press coverage which he has never had before. It will be a refreshing change after years of Liberal silence on environmental issues.