Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Welcome to The Republic of Canada

El Presidente Harper bids you welcome to the Republic of Canada.   In case you're new to our Republic, here's how it works.   Decisions about how the country and our people shall be governed are the exclusive preserve of the Imperial Presidency.  Our Fuhrer Leader steers the country with the assistance of his aides, people formerly known as cabinet ministers.   The Leaders decisions shall, in all cases, be unanimously endorsed by his aides and the lower ranks, the water boys, people formerly known as members of parliament.

For the sake of tourism and public calm, the Republic will stage regular shows of "parliamentary democracy."   These will be conducted in an exact replica of what was once known as the House of Commons.   There visitors can be amused by the pointless bickering of the rabble, formerly known as opposition members of parliament.  To help pass the time, vendors will walk through the gallery offering visitors a selection of delicious snacks and beverages.

If, while ambling through the halls, visitors spot what appears to be a life-sized cardboard cutout of El Presidente, it in all likelihood is El Presidente and approaching him is strictly prohibited.

Those of particularly robust constitution may proceed to take in the spectacle of the trained chimps in the second chamber, formerly known as the Senate.  It will be immediately apparent that the animals have been fully neutered for the safety and enjoyment of El Presidente.   When entering the Senate, visitors will be cautioned to please watch where they step.

El Presidente hopes you enjoy your visit to his Republic and, especially, his parliamentary theme park.  Those who return next year will be able to tour "Bible World" now being constructed in the recently emptied Supreme Court of Canada building. We hope to see you again very soon.

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Anonymous said...

How true. Hitler's third Reich lives on. Dictatorship and a fascist regime, will be the lives of Canadians.

When Herr Harper had his henchmen storm Guelph University, to stop the students from voting, that is pure fascism. They even tried to steal the ballot boxes.

Dictators are paranoid, controlling freaks. Just like Hitler and Stalin murdered everyone, they thought were against them. Dictators are truly the faces of evil.

I had three brothers, two brothers-in-law and a sister in the armed services, during WW11. Our young Canadians boys were blown to hell, so we wouldn't have, Harper's and Gordon Campbell's in our country. They all died for nothing.

What gets me, Harper and Campbell have the gall, to attend the Armistice Days services.