Monday, May 02, 2011

Was It Worth It?

A lot of us voted strategically, an "anyone but Harper" vote, thanks to the supposed NDP juggernaut that was going to depose the Furious Leader.

Seems Jack's "divide the centre/left" tactic worked really well - for Jack and for Harper - and left Canada screwed.   The polls have only just closed out here in BC and the networks are already declaring Harper a big winner.  All that remains to be seen is how big a majority has the opposition handed him.

Dippers, true to form, will decry the slightest responsibility for the outcome but that's what swine do.  They did get their hands on Stornoway for the first time but Canada will have to pay the price.

Stephen Harper's good fortune + Jack Layton's good fortune = Canada placed under Conservative majority rule.  Don't even try to pretend otherwise.  You Dippers got what you wanted, a brief taste of second place.   Canadians will have to pay the price for that.  Your popinjay, Captain Rub'n Tug, will get to strut about for the next four years as though he mattered.   Four more years that aren't Canada's to waste utterly gone thanks in no small measure to that little prick.

Instead of erasing and reversing Harper's abuses and excesses, we'll have to stand powerless as Furious Leader has at it.  Fuck me but I loathe Dippers.

The only good news coming out tonight is that Ignatieff may be out of a job.  He's at real risk of losing his own riding and there's never been a loss more deserved.  Maybe now the Libs will get back to the business of being a serious political party.  It's either that or the trash heap.

There is one other bit of good news.   The freak show of NDP ascendancy was fueled by plenty of non-NDP votes that viewed them as the only way of stopping a Harper majority.   Those voters will now realize they were played by the Dippers and plenty of them won't be fooled again.


Anonymous said...

Get your head out of your ass and check the numbers. The right wing of the Liberal party defected to the Harper thugs. Blame the party that stands for nothing if you are going to blame anyone.

Cliff said...

Speaking of 'swine' (that was lovely btw) going to mention all the right wing libs who defected to the conservatives?

ck said...

Right wing libs defected to Harpercons because of the fear of NDP gov't. The right winged media were cheering for Layton. As we know, the media tells folks what to do in an election.

Layton started this pissing contest following the debates. I only saw ads attacking Iggy; not Harper after those fateful debates.

The idea all along for Harper,was to get the Blue grits to his corner and he couldn't have done it without NDP help.

Harper owes Jack a big steak dinner.

Lovely meeting you all. I will probably end up losing my job because of this election result. So will my husband for that matter.

No, this isn't a time to celebrate.

The Mound of Sound said...

@Cliff. I already mentioned them in an earlier post noting it was the very blue Lib/red Cons Iggy had played to who were going to be the first to bail on him. The futility of this poseur was never lost on me.

CK is right. Harper owes Layton a big steak dinner.

And yes, Dippers are swine.

Purple Library Guy said...

It is certainly not a time to celebrate--I am actually more upset that that bastard is getting a majority than I am happy at the NDP gaining an historic breakthrough.
But it's a bit much for the side who handed votes to the Cons to be blaming the ones who took votes from them.

Being upset is fine, but the Liberals should have been taking the centre to centre-right from the Cons, challenging them on areas like the "sound fiscal manager" front. They failed to do that credibly, which is amazing considering who killed the deficit and who created it again. Instead they insisted on trying to move to the left in hopes of crushing the NDP, which nobody was going to buy because Ignatieff is not left of centre in either style or substance. In the process they ceded the centre to the Cons.

So the Liberals gave the centre to the Cons, tried without credibility and failed to take the left from the NDP, and now their misfortunes are our fault? Dude, the evil here is Harper. Blame him.

Beijing York said...

I'm sorry but the fact that the Dippers made their prime target BQ seats does not sit well with me at all. I've been giving them f8cking roses for keeping Harper in a minority.

The fact that the Dippers had to make their gains against progressive incumbents really pisses me off. Someone tell me how many Conservative seats they won? I can't imagine it was significant given a f8cking Harper majority.

Uncommoner said...

How does one go about sending their country back for warranty service, because something has gone horribly wrong.

Are there really that many blind, deaf and pig-ignorant Canadians out there? Who is voting Conservative after EVERYTHING they did?

Yes the vote split. Of course it did. Hurray, the NDP are the opposition...

What good is an NDP opposition with no ability to block legislation in the house because the CPC have a significant majority?

How progressive can they be? Or will it be talk, bluster and rhetoric while Harper dismantles anything he wants?

The Mound of Sound said...

BY, you're my rock!

wondering said...

Hey, why not be pissed about the fact that a plurality of people (~40%!)voted for the Conservatives in every province except Quebec. That's the fucking problem. If less people wanted to vote Conservative we wouldn't be fighting over whether voting Liberal in Palliser, Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca, or Vancouver Island North, or NDP in Vancouver South was a vote for the Cons when clearly that's not what they were at all. (What, you didn't think it was just the NDP that split votes, did you?)

crf said...

I don't think Quebec could be any more alienated by the results of this election. The NDP is going to be less able to represent Quebec interests than the BQ, I am certain. Furthermore, the NDP will not operate as a safety valve for letting the steam out of separatist fermatation.

A huge PQ majority, a two year government, perhaps, a snap provincial election, and a separation referendum in their second term may be coming.