Friday, July 15, 2016

Another Screw-Up for the Big Orange Bloat

Okay, Donald Trump has chosen his running mate, Koch Bros. shill, Mike Pence.

Every campaign team needs a logo and Trump, naturally, has his. It raised a few eyebrows, including a few of my own, when it was unveiled this morning and it didn't take long for the hilarity to ensue.

Here's one animated version:

And, of course, TP conjures references to Toilet Paper and that gives rise to giggles over ass wiping and ass wipes which, to many, seems to aptly describe Donald Trump and his trained monkey, Pence. Let the hilarity ensue. The conference is just two days away.


Ben Burd said...

The Koch brothers have finally got skin in the game with the trained monkey Pence. It will be interesting to see why if they dislike Trump. What will their next move be - a Trump poisoning at a fund raiser then Pence will be number 1.

Lorne said...

As one pundit has noted, Mound, the logo is emblematic of what that dynamic duo will do to America.

Steve said...

This proves Trump is really not trying to win. If he had picked a mderate, a general he could have got a lot of Democratic votes. Now he is in the extremist foxhole with a super idiot. No swing votes for the Donald. And the left is engergized now.

The Mound of Sound said...

From what I read and heard, Trump's people assembled a gaggle of real "B-listers" for his veep choice. They didn't want anyone strong or particularly bright. I suspect the prospect of Newt possibly stealing Trump's thunder from time to time was enough for Gingrich to be given the hook.

Lulymay said...

Have a look at, Mound, and John Dingell's tweet. Too funny by half, along with subsequent tweets. What a pair of dingbats!

the salamander said...

.. my impression as always is how stunned these folks are..
And then I remember how our beloved 'Conservative' partisan freaks
are so stoked at hanging around those American grinning idiots..

I remain non-partisan ..
less and less trusting of any political party..
It really does become party time for them.. on our dime
There are essentially zero exemplars to be found..
instead we are being treated to the likes of Jason Kenney
being toasted by mainstream media as a champion..
and somehow receiving the 'blessing' of one Stephen Harper

To watch what is being perpetrated as an election campaign in the US of A
just makes me more depressed about how Canada tends to be the tail of the dog
to what happens down there.. ie election fraud, creeps, shrill partisans, backroom freaks etc

It seems we are watching the complete final meltdown of the American 2 party system...
The two supposed exemplars.. the cream of the electoral crop - Clinton & Krump
Its to laugh.. its truly insane.. its Dr Strangelove.. farce, Shakespeare meets Kardashion fascination..
and the nonsensical absurdity of it all points to how a country called Canada
let a secretive churlish creep steamroll Canadians for 10 long years..
treating the country & our Parliament like a crack house rental

This what we get from professional political partisan pimps & their parties
Exactly what we either deserve.. or are willing to accomodate .. losers & liars

The Mound of Sound said...

Thanks for the link, Lulymay. Yes, indeed, the hilarity ensues.

I spoke with a buddy recently, a retired American law enforcement type, PhD criminology, etc. He raised something that had been rattling about the back of my mind, unspoken, for some time - would a president-elect Trump be allowed to live to be inaugurated? Regardless of what you may believe about America's "deep government" there are plenty of very conservative members of the US national security establishment who see Trump as a grave threat to the security of America and the world. They've been very open in their criticisms and there are people on their list who I cannot imagine someone crossing.

The world has probably become more volatile today than it has been since the ugliness of the 60s. A narcissist like Trump could be the lit match to gasoline.

John B. said...

Is it still possible that the Koch vs. Trump tangle is a pillow fight for public consumption? Somebody needs to try to determine what the really dark money generated by the Koch summit is doing, or has done,
for purposes related to the current general election. That won't be easy.

Steve said...

President Pence would be a Koch brothers porno. Trump should be careful what he wishes for.