Saturday, July 30, 2016

Trudeau is a Scammer, and British Columbians Are His Victims

Rafe Mair has issued a cogent, factual and searing indictment of Justin Trudeau's deceit and hypocrisy. It extends to JMJ (justice minister Jody) and EMC (environment minister Cathy).

I'm not going to try to paraphrase or excerpt it. Read it for yourself, especially if you're a Liberal. Read it, especially if you're a British Columbian for it reveals how quickly this government, emulating the last, has betrayed us.


Toby said...

Trudeau seems to be a shallow individual who believes what he says while he says it but has no memory of having said it. I am more puzzled by Jody and Cathy; why have they capitulated? They simply rolled over without a peep. Then there is Stéphy selling war wagons and telling more lies. What has happened?

Canada is very much behaving like a American colony with a powerful thumb pressing down. Did Harper make a deal with the Pentagon? Did the White House make threats? If so, what? Who is pulling the strings? Have the trade deals closed all options?

Mound, what puzzles me most is the easy and complete capitulation. When I watch Jody and Cathy and Stéphy I can sense that they are aware that they have sacrificed their integrity (which is more than I can say for Trudeau). Under Harper there were always rumblings of discontent in Cabinet; not so under Trudeau.

the salamander said...

.. heading toward 100,000 drilled wells in Saskatchewan, possibly even more in Alberta & who knows how many in BC.. and we really truly have no idea what essentialy invisible gases are leaking, seeping or exhaling out of them. Methane, sour gas, boron, radium..

And all the related infrastructure to pump water to the wells, or diluent or truck or train the silicate & unregulated chemicals involved.. and all the infrastructure to get power or diesel fuel to the eell pads, or all the piping to move the resource itself, whether oil or gas.. either to upgraders or liquification ..

And uh.. oh right.. none of this provides 'energy security' .. this is all about Asia and feeding its Economy the energy it requires.. so there has to be supertankers in/out.. and screw our fisheries, wild species, food chain.. This is what Stephen Harper was all about.. zero concern about anything but stripping out Canada's resources and seeing them sold overseas.. Its much bigger and dsrker than I've painted it of course.. after all the First Nations treaties have to be trashed, ignored or tied up in court endlessly.. but bottom line is, Stephen Harper & any of his proxies are sellouts.. and here comes Justin, waffling and walking back.. Brsvo Rafe.. and you've been stripping these thugs bare for years Mound.. Media needs to get off their asses or they're sellouts too

The Mound of Sound said...

I have lost all faith in the Trudeau gang, Toby. Rafe lays it out in compelling fashion. They have betrayed us. They have simply walked away from their election promises. Dion may have fired Harper's ambassadorial appointments but Trudeau retains the industry shills who captured the National Energy Board.

When he came to power Trudeau did many fine things but they were all the low-hanging fruit items. Easy stuff. On the hard things he vacillated and ultimately folded. CSIS, the Saudi death wagons, support for Israel and Saudi Arabia, backing the Tory motion to censure the BDS movement - it goes on and on.

As Mair writes, Trudeau believes he can have his cake and eat it too. It's pretty obvious that he also thinks his promises to British Columbians are irrelevant. We were duped by a guy with an undeserved legendary name. His father was an intellectual, a fine lawyer, a picket-line labour warrior. His kid - a bit of fluff, a school marm who taught a couple of years in the cushy zone of Vancouver. If there's anything at which he has excelled, it's photo ops.

Anonymous said...

You cant take the Conservative out of a Liberal!
Over my, long lifetime, we have been brainwashed to think that we have right and left wing politics!
We have been brainwashed to think we have choices!
At the end of the day we have corporate Government.
FFS look back at history.
Both the Liberals and Conservative have been in the hand of big business.

How long will it be before we fall into the black hole of intolerance and division that the USA and the UK have due to the failures of conventional politics.

Troy said...

"Here comes the new boss, same as the old boss..."

You know, I'd like to say I was surprised, but in the end, that'd be a lie. In all honesty, I expected Trudeau and his cabinet to be liars. I was hoping to be surprised, but never was. Not at any point, whatsoever.

I had an inkling, probably not a few months after the election. I was awaiting something... bold to happen. For the Trudeau government to start doing big things. But nothing ever came. No major infrastructure announcements. No jobs plans. Nothing. Merely the restoration of previous spending, prior to the Harper majority. Easy, peasy, but hardly bold.

We have a slightly improved Harper government. That's what I decided, before the Trudeau government even ever tabled its first real budget.

Welp, no matter. We can rely on the northern First Nations to shut down these projects, whether through the courts, or through direct action. Probably a combination of both. Happily, because of the long Winters and super muddy Springs, they only have to fight for a period of the year, rather than 365. They'll have time to recoup, and regather for each battle. And battles they will be, both in Canadian courtrooms, and at the sites themselves. First Nations have over a hundreds years of experience fighting with the Canadian government, and with each decade passed, First Nations have developed new and better techniques for fighting the government as necessary. First Nations have defeated such great PMs such as Laurier and Pierre Trudeau, and have survived the worst of PMs (for First Nations) such as MacDonald and Harper. Trudeau the younger, neophyte that he is to the job, will probably simply follow the same playbook as his predecessors. Welp, if Trudeau wants play dirty, then he's gonna find out First Nations can play that kind of game, too. They'll hit him fast, hard, and low. And soon, too. The likelihood is First Nation communities have already planned for this eventuality, and are preparing to escalate this conflict.

I'd expect a court injunction and moratorium on the projects. And roadblocks, too. First Nations will also look to target particular bottlenecks, such as the insurers of the developers. Drive up rates and make developing unprofitable. But that would only be if necessary. Another level of escalation. And First Nations are always prepared to go full Oka Crisis, when it comes right down to it.

Northern PoV said...

My fellow British Columbians, starting with CC have as much or more blame here than young Trudeau. You and Rafe seem to forget who started the whole Site-C LNG imbroglio.

I'd like to see a new NEB and whole new process on all big projects ... but realize the young lad doesn't really have the power at this point (and perhaps lacks the vision that his rhetoric contains). Economics will likely kill many of the dumb ideas he is currently waffling on - and I think that's the rag-the-puck game he is playing. He ran out of time on Site C .... do the feds have to do ALL the heavy lifting?

Troy said...

OT: Oh, wow! Turkey's besieging Incirlik.

Toby said...

The Incirlik story is strange. It seems to have originated with RT. here . It is spreading through Twitter and blogs but I can't find it on any mainstream media such as CBC. Is there a NATO blackout? Or is it a non-story?

The Mound of Sound said...

@ Troy. The FN have come to the rescue so often in the past. Our saving grace has been an unbowed Supreme Court unwilling to bend to federal government protests. The FN, the SCC and the Charter together make a powerful bulwark against government excess. I wonder if it bothers the Dauphin that his father's legacy now is the son's fetter. He certainly showed his distaste for the Charter in the Liberals' assisted dying bill where the weasel tried to squirm out from under the Carter decision.

Tell me, Troy, what do you make of justice minister Jody? She's FN and yet she strikes me as a bit thuggish and profoundly partisan.

The Mound of Sound said...

@ NPoV - CC is a separate problem and does nothing to diminish Junior's perfidy. Trudeau isn't the "young lad," he's the goddamned prime minister. He's supposed to show up for work in long pants.

The Mound of Sound said...

Incirlik - what a confused mess! Yes, Turkish police officers have laid siege to the place. Erdogan maintains the attempted coup was plotted by Turkish officers on the base, supposedly with American knowledge and assistance.

@ Toby - the story is pretty widespread. "Stars & Stripes" has a few reports. Tensions are running high between Washington and Ankara. Hundreds of diplomatic dependents were flown out from Incirlik in recent days. The Germans had a diplomatic dust up with Erdogan. A top US general is flying in today to sit down with Turkish officials.

What interests me is whether the US has quietly pulled its nuclear weapons out of the base.

Unknown said...

"trudeau isn't the "young lad". he's the goddamed prime minister." nuff said. Also Mound, anyone who calls him, at his age of 45, a young lad is not paying him any compliments. It means also, they don't take him seriously, because like they say, he is just a "young lad."
as if the decisons a prime ministers makes, that can determine the rise and fall of a country, is something Justin Trudeau has to grow into. Pierre Trudeau, was in his late 40's when he became prime minister, not much older than Justin. No one ever called him a "Young lad." I find it interesting that some people feel the need to describe Justin trudeau's behaviour as if he's in his early 20's.

Anonymous said...

Anyong said....Sorry Mound, B.C.ers can't claim they are Trudeau's victims. Albertans claimed that right from the get go. They have a hatred for his father Pierre therefore it was automatic when it come to Junior.

Anonymous said...

THIS IS OFF TOPIC BUT RELATED. Read the latest comments Elizabeth May has made regarding Newfoundland & Labrador's request to the Federal Government for more funds for Muskrat falls. There isn't one Premiere, Opposition Leader or Federal Ministers and the PM worth their salt. PM's in the country should not have the last word on anything. And, Premiers act in this country like they are leader of their own little territory. Imagine, Canada a country and we have to have free trade among 12 Provinces and 3 Territories. Following is a comment from a resident of Newfoundland & Labrador.
Newfoundland & Labrador needs to take Quebec to the International World Court for the amount of money Newfoundland receives from Churchill Falls. Yes....Quebec receives 22 billion a year from the venture while Newfoundland receives 1 Billion. And not only that, Newfoundland & Labrador has been paying into equalization payments to Quebec since Newfoundland has been producing oil. Now...tell Canadians Elizabeth May, how that is fair. Yes Ms. May, everything keeps going up and up in cost except for the world's 2% who own 96% of the money. If Newfoundland & Labrador got their fair share they wouldn't have to ask for support for Muskrat Falls. Talk about slapping a Province in the face...BC also receives equalization payments to which Newfoundland & Labrador has contributed. Before the oil prices dropped Newfoundland & Labrador was the third wealthiest Province in Canada....not B.C.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth May slams Muskrat Falls, urges federal government against more loan guarantees What does she know about Newfoundland & Labrador?

Troy said...

Little to comment on Justice Jody Wilson-Raybould. Don't know much about the Kwakwaka'wakw. They might as well live a world away from my neck of the woods. So I couldn't give any sort of hint what they think of her.

That being said, "a bit thuggish and profoundly partisan" sounds like an apt descriptor. From the little I've read of her, she strikes me as someone without tact. There exist a breed of people who confuse blunt speaking and rudeness for each other, and she's seemingly one of them. It serves her well enough, I suppose, though, considering she's been given a cushy and high profile position.

With all that, though, I can't imagine, even with her position in the government, her having much sway with First Nations as a whole. First Nations politics is very contentious and hardly unified. She'd be viewed with some suspicion, to be honest.

The Mound of Sound said...

Thanks for that, Troy. You've put my mind to rest.

Why do I call her "thuggish"? That arose out of an Alberta case involving a 58-year old Alberta woman, E.F.

Jody used E.F. as her "straw man" and callously dismissed her as one suffering from a "mental illness" as though she had a case of the downers. She demeaned this horribly suffering woman to score political points. Read more here:

The worst part is that justice minister Jody would have been quite content to condemn this woman to a protracted, horrible life pending death.