Friday, July 15, 2016

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things - Like Survival of Our Species

Climate change gonna getcha. Climate change gonna getcha.

The Republican presidential nominee, the Orange Behemoth, Donald Trump, dismisses climate change as a hoax. He doesn't mean it, right? Wrong. He's even chosen far right nutjob, Mike Pence, as his vice presidential running mate. Former attorney/open mouth radio host Pence is also a climate change denier.

Not to be outdone, on the other side of the pond, Britain's freshly minted prime minister, Theresa May, made it her second order of business (the first was appointing Boris Johnson her foreign minister) was to abolish the UK's climate change department.

May’s priorities could not be more clear. The clues are in the titles.

Britain now has a Secretary for Exiting the European Union – a very sensible move if Brexit is inevitable – a Secretary for International Trade and a Secretary for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. You wouldn't know it, but the latter will be responsible for dealing with climate change.

The worst thing about developments such as these is that they prove we haven't reached the threshold yet where conditions are so terrible that our leadership will be stampeded into action. However, when they do get about to it, there's a good and steadily worsening chance it will be much too late.


Anonymous said...

Trump has to deny climate change - at least until he can offload Mar-a-Lago and other properties that will soon be under water. But what's May's motive I wonder.


Dana said...

I hate ancient Chinese proverbs.

Owen Gray said...

The March of Folly . . .