Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dear Steve - No Need to Go to Copenhagen

It's hard to imagine a greater waste of Canadian taxpayers' dollars than to pick up the tab for Steve Harper and his stooge Prentice to attend the global climate summit in Copenhagen next month.

Look, Obama's already going and the bottom line is that Steve and Jimbo will be sitting comfortably on each other's thumbs in any case until the President tells them what they're going to do about global warming once he gets back. Pardon me, "until the President consults with them once he gets back." Yeah, that's right. Obama will consult with Steve. Yeah, sure.

Besides, we need Steve right here in Ottawa to keep assuring no one that detainees fobbed off by Canadian Forces to their Afghan allies weren't really tortured or at least Steve didn't personally see any of them tortured and neither did you, smartass.

And what's more, you can never rule out the prospect of torture in Copenhagen. And with global warming under the spotlight, if anyone in Copenhagen would be at risk for a good thrashing, it'd be Steve. Mr. Harper has worked extremely hard these past four years to put Canada's good name at the very bottom of the shitter and do we really need to be reminded of that?


LMA said...

Harper and Prentice must be praying that Obama doesn't show up with some hard numbers for emissions reductions at Copenhagen. Some, including Al Gore on CBC's "Q" this morning, think he will. If he does, that will be torture enough for the Cons. They will have to find another excuse for doing nothing.

Jingles said...

Perhaps Mr. Harper's thinking is, if we don't do anything about Global Warming and Climate Change, maybe, just maybe it will take care of all those bad people in Afghanistan and!!