Wednesday, November 25, 2009

General Ludicrous Slams Colvin

Rick Hillier knows a thing or two about ludicrous. Anyone who thought he could carry on an effective counter-insurgency campaign in a volatile province of 900,000 people with a miniscule garrison force of just 2,500, mostly support types, is well versed in all things ludicrous.

That's why it was a bit of a giggle to learn today that now safely-retired General Rick Hillier dismissed as ludicrous allegations by a senior Canadian diplomat that Afghan detainees turned over to Afghan authorities by Canadian soldiers were probably all tortured in some way or another.

Hillier said he didn't even read Richard Colvin's reports - until he did - and even then there wasn't a word in them about torture. Nothing, nada, zilch.

Hillier's account was echoed by Major General David Fraser, another of Canada's perfectly mediocre general officers. Fraser made such a litany of ludicrous claims while he commanded troops in Afghanistan that he's almost as expert on that as Hillier. Remember Operation Medusa when he claimed he had a thousand Taliban completely surrounded and that they would either surrender or else die? Remember how those Talibs picked up their guns and walked straight through Fraser's cordon undetected to fight another day? If you're interested, search this blog for posts on David Fraser and his "unique" insights and accomplishments in Afghanistan.


Alison said...

October 23, 2009:

Le Devoir : Rick Hillier - Torture in the Afghan prisons: Ottawa knew

"Federal ministers Gordon O' Connor and Peter MacKay knew as of 2006 that the prisoners captured in Afghanistan were likely to be tortured in the local prisons, said Rick Hillier, former chief of staff of the Canadian Forces.".

Said in an interview at Hillier's book launch.

The Mound of Sound said...

Yes, well that's what he said then, not what he says now. And how dare you question this heroic general's credibility by challenging him with his very own words? Shame on you.

Alison said...

Yeah, well it was a whole freakin month ago he said it so I guess you've got a point.