Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not a Government, a Round Table

British foreign minister David Miliband foresees a future Afghan government, one in which senior Taliban commanders have a place at the table.

What's wrong with this picture?

It's pretty obvious that what the British minister is describing isn't a government of any form that we would recognize but a council of warlords, a round table if you will, that's almost guaranteed to condemn the Afghan people to fundamentalist Islamic feudalism forever.

But that's what we're up against. We never made any effort to rid the country of the warlords on our side. That leaves the default option of having to invite in the warlords of the other side, the Taliban. Brilliant. Now, can we leave?

1 comment:

LeDaro said...

Then US and NATO can sing:

Round and round and round it goes
And where it stops nobody knows
So crazy, I got this feeling inside
Want you back in my arms again
Come on tell me I want you still by my side
Tell me I am the only one,
You know it and I know it,
This love is stronger than anything
Oh girl you know that it's true,
Forever together with you

Replace “girl” with Afghanistan. What a bunch of nimrods.