Monday, November 02, 2009

Even Republicans Are Sick of Republicans

Dede Scozzafava was the Republican candidate for a US House seat from New York to be decided Tuesday but she is candidate Scozzafava no more.

The moderate Republican, her party's nominee, was squeezed out by an uber-right Republican running as a Conservative Party candidate. Creatures of the ilk of Sarah Palin were instrumental in the coup, blasting Scozzafava as a "RINO" - Republican in name only.

Seeing the writing on the wall and angry that her supporters were being pressured to abandon her by the neocon camp, Scozzafava withdrew from the election but not before throwing her support to her Democratic opponent.

Radical politics, radical religion - just what the world, and especially America, needs most today.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps the time is coming when America will have its turn with someone like a Hitler at the helm. Sad isn't it that many don't see it. A. Morris